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Working from Home Vs Working from The Office


Imagine if you were offered the option to choose whether to work from home or within an office. Which of the two would you choose and why? Working in both of these environments has its upsides and downsides. Would you be more productive while you are at your place or within the workplace? We spoke to experts from  Aidan Office Space Gateshead to give up the long and short of it all.


One of the biggest advantages of working from home is that time is saved. There is no wastage of time that is involved while one is commuting to and from work. You can spend the time that would have been used up in traffic doing something useful. Having extra time in the morning that may have been used up getting ready and commuting to work can help brighten up your mood and improve productivity.  



Most offices setups are not conducive. Open offices with tiny cubicles are not the best place to work from. You may not be comfortable within such an environment. This may kill one’s morale. Working from home enables you to create your working environment. You are in control of your workspace. You can choose the perfect spot for you to work from. You are no longer defined by cubical walls that may exist within the office.



There is no limit to when you have to work while at home. You can start and stop working as you please. You can be able to shift your schedule to ensure that you complete your assignments in time.



Why Work from an office rather than your home?


Technical issues may also arise while you are working from home. For instance, you may be unable to access the company’s intranet. Such issues may make it difficult for you to perform your job. Sure, when everything works – it is fantastic, but if your Internet cuts out or you lose access to your company’s intranet, you may be unable to do your job. Most companies have tech support designed to handle off-site employees, but you will never receive the same level of support as you would in an office setting.


Have you ever thought that working from home also takes discipline?  It is very easy to switch to surfing the web or home chores that need to be done. When you work from home you may actually find it harder to focus and get your work done. For working at home to be successful, it requires a disciplined individual. You may find yourself sleeping all day long or watching tv. Focus is key when it comes to working from home.

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